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Pint, Quart and Half Gallon craze
Friday, 3 June 2011, 10:51
 31st will never be the same for me.


Been waiting for 31st May,and I came out alive that day.. Our first order was 6 pints! I mean, its like 10 am so the ice creams are as hard as the brick wall and the customers want everything fast..*have sympathy at least,c'mon* A day before that, my pointing finger* sorry x tau nama jari telunjuk* was squished by 10kg of dry ice. I could barely move a single muscle strand on that finger..But I soon manage to scoop a couple hundred kilograms PROUD .. well of course with the help of Baskin's Super Professional Team (BSPT)..They are Cadet Aidi as the one who take orders from customers.* the one who's always to blame by all of us..poor thing HAHA* Then comes the Scooping  Crews! Me, Sean, Aliff, Eda, Syamin, Ed, Kak Ieka, Aina, and a few other guys i didnt really get to know their names =___________=  Next is the cashier.. I used to think working as the cashier would be the easiest job..so I did it for 3 hours..


Being a cashier requires you to keep smiling , precisely count the dollar bills and coins, be polite as you can, and to never look at the amount of people q-ing up because it'll runtuhkan semangat. HAHAH.. 
Then comes the toughest most crucial part of obtaining customers ice creams..THE PACKAGING CREW.. My knees was shaking, my heart was thumping, cold shivers went down my spine... You have to be fast and perfect.. Bob's the best at this... Then Eda and Sean, then Me and Eda :)  It was tiring as hell. We literally smell like baby's puke.. The smell of rotten milk. eikkk..gross. Didnt have any lust for ice creams on that day..

Finally, our Captain, Kak Nana..the manager, the boss etc. She's the best boss I've ever had :D  .. 

Today was 1st Rejab..and I fasted .. Most challenging day ever! To restrain myself from the temptation of testing the ice creams. Imagine that you're surrounded by edible goods, desserts and your tummy's growling but you can't eat.. *TOUGH* ..but I made it through..As soon as Eda told me, she heard Maghrib's azan, i jumped up and down, skipping to the chiller and pour myself a nice cold water and gulped it down with satisfaction. AAHHHH... :) 

Because Kak Nana's obsession with Adele's song "Rolling in The Deep"- OST Sucker Punch, now, I think that I'm digging this song. Ican't get it our of my head. There was this kid that played drums to Rolling in The Deep this afternoon and it brought a smile on Kak Nana's face :) It's amazing how kids nowadays are so talented, even at the age of approximately 10 maybe, they already know how to play the piano with beautiful melody ..overwhelmed. Tomorrow is TRIPLE PAYDAY , awesomeness! Agong, I love you :) HAHAHA...

Chill, and listen to this,
Here's a song I recently feel in love with, although...I prefer the French Version better :P


Sub Of The Day
Wednesday, 18 May 2011, 08:54
Its the most frequent line I've heard since I enter Baskin Robbins. That particular line usually comes out from Mar and Kak Ieka. HAHA. Who could forget that Pink Wednesday is the same as Marinara Meatball sub of the day for Subway?? *Can't quite say it right, keep on saying Marinah Meatball in my head* Haish =.="

Mar came to Baskin today. As weird as it sound, I miss having her around, jumping up and down when she tell stories, and the best thing is she's an ice cream expert, unlike the new kid *ending the topic for new kid *. Haihh.. So, Mar, Kak Nana, Eda and I bought sub of the day ..and all of us ate together. *First best experience together, felt like we were a family* :) Bob did join in with all the fun too..haha. He bought his sub a few hours earlier than we did. Bob ate a lot today!!

~as we were eating, Kak Ieka entered Baskin with her helmet on~
She gave us good news, Abg Faizal went to KK to open a new outlet there. HAHAHA.*evil laugh*.. Soon, there was the 3 of us, Kak Ieka, Bob and me. We rocked Baskin of the rooftop! *neah, i'm just kidding :P* Kak Ieka was having a marker pen war with Bob..HAHA..they screamed and ran around , Bob hidding in the store..Splashing water on each other's faces. Kak Ieka shoved ice down my shirt! *payback alert* It was F.U.N!

And, congrats to Eda for getting a spectacular result. *salute* Wish you all the best for the Pemimpin Pelajar thingy* Gonna have a new staff in Baskin, AINA!!!. :) Be strong :)

And! I ate one of these cute looking turtles :)

Just gets amazing by the day
Monday, 16 May 2011, 09:11
It was a dream job. MY DREAM JOB. Working at Baskin Robbins, Shah Alam. I always loved their ice cream, my favorite flavor is the Strawberry Cheesecake., but there was one ice cream that I had been looking for ,for like 5 years..It's Blue Raspberry Sherbet a.k.a Splish Splash Sherbet. But as what Baskin told me, "the flavor depends on seasons".
Haish =.="

So the first day was okay :) I had fun. Bob and Mar was my mentor. They taught me everything I needed to know and all.  I get free junior scoop ice cream everyday as a staff meal, a 30 minute break and all you can eat, never ending stock of ice cream/desserts :) *heaven*  I learned how to make waffles, cone *failed numerous amounts of time* , hot fudge, writing on cakes, scooping and lots more. It felt like I entered baking class.
I didn't really cared about my salary at first but I admit that I was a little tiny winy bit jealous that my friends are making more money than I do, but at the end of the day I felt that MY job was ever so worth it. I get to make my mom happy. Gave her a slice of  World Class Chocolate Ice cream cake for Mother's Day and a junior scoop of what ever flavor she wants on the following day. It made me feel good seeing people smile and that smile was carved on each of the customers faces as I handed ice cream to them. 

Today, good news for me and all the other staff. Our salary was raised!!! It went to rm4 per hour instead of rm3.50 per hour. Made my day even happier than ever. I enjoy every minute of my time at Baskin Robbins. *having a spongebob moment, holding a smile down that's about to burst*  I made new friends like Mar, Bob, Kak Ieka,, Kak Nana, and Eda. They're super cool :) 

I learned to accept what's given and not searching for more. Be thankful of what you have. 

had a blast guys, thank you <3

Speakin in special language
Monday, 9 May 2011, 00:11
Like a small child choosing his or her ice cream and ends up not finishing the ice cream. In the end the child realized that ice cream is fat-ning  and throw it away. 30 minutes later, the child longs for the ice cream that had been thrown away. I know, I'm writing crap. HAHA.. thinking of the spoiled little brat living nowadays..maybe.

Shakeezy weasly :P
Sunday, 8 May 2011, 08:47
Ummm Ummm,..well I'm in the mood for some singin' :) so here's one of my vids that I heavy heartedly upload it for my friends who pretty much *begged* ask for my latest photos and how I've been :)  With this, thou shall know  


Picture Time :D
Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 07:32

Lucky Number 1
, 06:25
Tadaaa, my first post after a few hours of screw ups .. Hmm, to start of, I'll begin with the most memorable day I had in PASUM. What else that the last day of examination, Paper : Preparatory for English. Exactly after the paper was handed up, 13 of us, Me, Maya, Zulfida, Upin, Farah, Biha, Hazwani, Alia, Meon, Puteri, Syuhada, and a few others went out to SUNWAY PYRAMID.

My story revolves around 4 of us, Meon, maya, fida and I. First stop was the pizza hut. *slipknot's drum solo* was the sound of our stomach. Then, we headded to the ice skating ring and skated for 3 hours.Maya didn't tag along, She didn't have Fizzow. awwwwww ..Fida, well him, he just couldn't bet me at ice skating anymore. And for Hazwani, man! i couldn't believe my eyes. She was helping out the others with skating. *it was her second time, i taught her the first time* she was amazing, *applause* I felt like flying when I skate! hahaha. It was superb.

 Right after that, the 4 ouf us went to the cinema to watch HOP! It was on my MUST WATCH movie list. My review, the movie was mind blowingly adorable, can you picture a lil fat chick speaking mexican english who wanted to be an easter bunny? How cute is that?! And it was funny too, maya laughed her butt off, but meon didnt quite get it *i wonder why* .. It was 9 o'clock, so maya suggested that we take the bus back to UM.

 And so we did, it only cost us 3 bucks.HAHA. We ended bumped into Upin and the gang *HAHA* ..they were suppose to take the cab, but I invited them to join us taking the bus and so they did. On the way back to college, all of us were singing Tanggal 31 and screamin MERDEKA, seasons in the sun *not really ,because only a few of us knew the lyrics* ..It was a tiring night but like Upin said,"I would trade it for anything else in the world"....spectacular . here's the link to some of the pictures taken http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150161556194530.302859.808414529 .

The following day, Bella, meon and I watched Justin Bieber :Never Say Never 3D, with our energy bar not complete charged, and emotion swings as for Bella because she was quite sad that some of her friends are heading back. And we went back right after the movie. Extremely tired.